How to Make Mashed Potatoes and Make It Less Stressful – 2017 Edition (And 15 Best Mashed Potatoes Recipes)

Learning how to make mashed potatoes is a valuable cooking skill, saving you effort and money going back and forth to the restaurant to buy it. Plus, mashed potatoes are perfect for all occasions, especially during the Thanksgiving dinner and with the whole family. While mashed potatoes can be laborious for some, these lovelies can actually be made ahead of time, and then just reheated in the convection microwave or oven when ready to be served. And if you do make them in advance, you can lessen the pressure and stress and get one dish off your shoulders.

Additionally, making mashed potatoes in more than one way is possible, and that’s what I’m about to reveal in today’s guide in which I’m also covering pro blogger tips and correcting common problems. And then, there are also bonus tricks on how to make the preparation much easier than before. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin and cover these essentials for making those yummy mashed potatoes for your family.

Ways to Mashed Potatoes

1. Using A Handheld Mixer

If you have some minutes and you want to make your mashed potatoes creamier, then the stand mixer or handheld one is your best bet. Choose one with the whisk attachment for fluffy and smooth cups of mashed potatoes. This method only takes a couple of minutes before you could serve those mouth-watering mashed potatoes for your loved ones. See the following for the steps.

Step 1

Boil your potatoes until tender.

Step 2

Take several muffin cups, enough for the number of eggs that you will be boiling.

Step 3

Get them into another bowl if you are using a handheld mixer or stand mixer.

Step 4

Start whipping from low, gradually increasing the speed to medium until you achieved the ideal consistency.

Step 5    

Get your mixer to a low and then slowly add the warm milk mixture until they are well combined.

Step 6

Season your mashed potatoes with salt and pepper.

2. Using An Electric Beater

This method will take about 35 minutes and it can serve four people. You can depend on this one if you don’t have the stand mixer. So get your potatoes boiled, and then peeled and quartered with a sharp knife, and let’s go to the rest of the steps below.

Step 1

Prepare two tablespoons of butter, a cup of milk and salt and pepper for seasoning.

Step 2

Heat the milk and butter over low heat, until your butter is thoroughly melted.

Step 3

Use your electric beater for gradually blending the milk in the milk mixture. Keep beating until the mashed potatoes are creamy and smooth.

Step 4  

Finish it off with salt and pepper to taste when done.

3. Using A Microwave Convection Oven

This particular method can make six servings for using four up to six pieces of potatoes, which should be washed and then quartered. If you’re ready, let’s see how easy that will be to make mashed potatoes using the convection oven method.

Step 1

Aside from the potatoes, you should get your dip mix, 180 ml of milk, and three tablespoons of butter.

Step 2

Combine the potato and dip mix using a steamer, and then get it inside the microwave on a high temperature, but you should cover with lid and cook for 10 minutes.

Step 3    

Mash the potatoes with the butter and milk until you achieved the right consistency.

4. Using A Microwave Oven

Just like learning how to grill the perfect meat in the pellet grill, you should also know how to use your microwave for making mashed potatoes. This particular method can make up to four servings with four pieces of russet potatoes. And just as any mashed potato cooking methods, this does not take long and not daunting as well.

Step 1

Prepare other ingredients, such as butter, milk and salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2

Wash your potatoes and then peel them if you want to, and then place them in a microwaveable dish. Cover it with a lid.

Step 3

Set the microwave oven on a high and cook for eight minutes until your potatoes are cooked.

Step 4

You should then transfer them to a bowl in which to add butter, milk and salt and pepper to the potatoes.

Step 5    

Start mashing with a potato masher until you achieved desired consistency.

5. Using An Oven

This method is another simple alternative in making lighter and fluffier mashed potatoes, and then it also has cream cheese so that it can have a richer, more desirable flavor. You need Yukon gold potatoes, which should be peeled and diced, and then added with the other ingredients as in the following.

Step 1

Preheat your oven and set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Boil water in a large pot. Add salt to it, and then add the potatoes. Cook them until they are firm for about 15 minutes.

Step 3

Drain the potatoes, and then put them in a bowl.

Step 4

Mash your potatoes in a large bowl, and then put butter and milk to taste.

Step 5    

Use a hand mixer to beat in the onion and cream cheese.

Step 6

Using a small bowl, you should beat an egg with some of the mashed potatoes.

Step 7

Add the remaining mashed potatoes.

Step 8

Finish with seasonings before transferring to a casserole dish.

Step 9

Bake your mashed potatoes for an hour in the oven until they are lightly browned.

Bonus Tricks

Bonus Tricks

Do you wonder how long it takes to boil potatoes? Well, Elise has the answer! You can cook between 15 and 20 minutes, or until the potatoes can be poked easily. Try this tip and prevent your boiled potatoes from being overcooked! You can also check out the source for the full advice on perfect mashed potatoes.

Thanks to Elise Bauer for the great idea!


Now, how much milk do you need for your mashed potatoes? That’s a very good question to avoid going under or over the limits! You should use one-half up to three-fourth cup of milk if you’re using two pounds of potatoes. Check out the source for a complete guide on how to make simple mashed potatoes.

Thanks to Kathy Maister for the useful tips!


If you’re wondering what the best kind of potatoes to use for your recipe is, experts suggest that you may want to opt for the all-purpose Yukon gold varieties or the starchy russet potatoes. Do not use fingerlings and red bliss, the waxy potatoes. You may also want to opt for the starchy variants if you’re looking for a creamier mash.

Thanks to Kristen Aiken for the advice!


Can you make mashed recipes using already baked potatoes? Yes, you can! However, you need to bake your potatoes first for an hour, and then let them cool before scooping out the flesh in a bowl. You can check out the source of the advice for complete information on how to use baked potatoes for your mashed potatoes.

Thanks to Melissa d'Arabian at the Food Network for sharing this amazing tip!


Mashed potatoes can be frozen, just as leftover meat cooked in a propane smoker. You can freeze them flat until they’re hard, and then stack them in your freezer. In the process, you can also thaw them quicker when they’re frozen thin and flat. If you want to thaw and then reheat your mashed potatoes, you should first put them in a covered bowl before reheating it in the microwave. Check out the full advice from the Yummy Life.

Thanks to Monica Matheny for the advice!


You should also use thin-skinned and waxy variants for your mashed potatoes, and some perfect choices include red, white or yellow potatoes. They are quick cooking as well. See the full advice from the blogger at the source for more information.

Thanks to Joanne for the amazing tips!


For the perfect mashed potatoes, you should also salt the water used in boiling your potatoes, as they also absorb the water just as pasta. Do not leave out the salt, or you will get bland-tasting potatoes later. Season your potatoes by adding salt when cooking them in the anodized cookware on your electric stove or gas range. In the process, you won’t need to salt them as much later.

Thanks to Kelli Foster for such amazing tips!

Pro Tips From Other Bloggers


The website is one of the best sources for cooking tips and advice, and it has shared its great tips for perfect mashed potatoes through Catherine Lo. She shared her advice on how to make better-mashed potatoes and said you should cover them with cold water and then add salt before turning on the heat and boiling them and then reducing to a simmer. So whether you’re cooking in a copper cookware or using your rice cooker in preparing mashed potatoes, you should begin with cold water, not with hot water. Otherwise, your potatoes will cook unevenly and its outside will fall apart before its insides are entirely cooked. See more tips and tricks on the page to learn more advice from the experts.


According to the contributor of the site, you may want to use a food mill in breaking up or mashing your potatoes. In the process, you can also get rid of any lumps. When they have passed through the mill, you can continue with the rest of the process. You can check out the source for a full list of tips on how to make simple and delicious mashed potatoes.


According to contributor Gabriella Vigoreaux, you should cut your potatoes in the same size so that they will cook at the same time. You can also avoid overcooking and undercooking some portions by cutting your potatoes in the same size. You can check out the entire list of tips in the source where you will find valuable pieces of advice to avoid any kitchen disasters when making mashed potatoes, whether in a rice cooker or steamer.


You should also use a mix of potatoes, 50/50 of Yukon gold and then russet (50% waxy and 50% starchy), according to Danielle Walsh. The starchy variants can absorb cream and butter better, while waxy potatoes have a good flavor. There are so many valuable tips to find from this source, so don’t think twice but head over to learn how to prevent the common mistakes when making mashed potatoes cut by a sharp knife.

The Kitchn

Sheela Prakash has her tips to share for great mashed potatoes. She recommended using unsalted butter so that you can season them later based on your preferences. Salty variants just can’t let you control the salt amount. Choose the best quality butter so that you can be satisfied of the taste of your recipe because it is usually the first flavor you’ll taste in your mashed potatoes, according to the blogger. You may check out her entire tips in the link above.


Cook them using the right method – and according to the contributor of the site, the best way to go is to steam your potatoes. The reason is that it is able to lock in the flavor while keeping your potatoes moist; thus, they can also prevent burning.


If you want some change for breakfast, not fried rice and roasted meat cut with a meat slicer or French toast, then you may want mashed potatoes that you can also reheat if you’re not able to consume all them in one go. Just put them in a microwaveable bowl and then microwave it for a minute. See the rest of the tips from the site contributor by going to the source.

Correcting Common Problems

Correcting Common Problems

Why are my potatoes coming out unevenly cooked?

One of the most common mistakes here is not cutting them in equal sizes before boiling.My mashed potatoes taste bland.

What went wrong?

One of the possible reasons is using cold cream and butter. You should use these ingredients at room temperature so that they can be absorbed better into your potatoes, while lessening the chances of overworking your mashed potatoes.

How would I know if they are cooked?

You will know that they are done once you they have passed the knife test. See if it can pass through the potatoes without resistance.Why are my potatoes breaking down or tightening up?You may be overworking them. If you’re using a blender or a food processor, you should not overwork them because they are starchy food. Or else, you will get thick glue.

So should I use hand masher to avoid it?

While you can be using it, you can still overwork the potatoes. When you’re mixing in the ingredients, just stir them with the potatoes just until they are combined.

Why are my mashed potatoes runny?

The reason could be adding too much liquid on it. You should avoid adding too much of milk or cream, or else, you will get a potato soup. Now, if your mashed potatoes have so much liquid on them, you can just add more potatoes.

What is the right ratio for potatoes and butter?

Some people come up with bland tasting mashed potatoes, which could have been avoided if they followed a basic rule of thumb – use 2:1 potato to butter ratio. So if you are using two pounds of potatoes for Thanksgiving, you should use one pound of butter to ensure you’ll be getting flavorful mashed potatoes later.


There are many ways to make mashed potatoes that you will surely love! You can try the recipes shared in today’s guide and later tell us your experience. Also, don’t forget to use the tips shared by other foodies and bloggers about making mashed potatoes as well as how to make better ones that your family will enjoy. Additionally, remember the common problems and ways on how to fix them so that you can avoid those mistakes next time that you’re making sour cream mashed potato, cheddar cheese mashed potato and any flavor you want.

Finally, you can make them ahead if you are serving them for a big occasion like Thanksgiving Day so that you can concentrate on other dishes; after all, you can freeze mashed potatoes and then reheat them later when ready for serving. So, don’t wait and check out one of the cool recipes on how to make mashed potatoes and get started creating your masterpiece with simple ingredients and easy steps.

Did you find this guide useful? Tell us your comment! Lastly, share this article with friends who also love mashed potatoes and want some tips to achieve perfection today!

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