I am happy and thrilled to see you here, dear readers!

My name is Olivia Rose, a busy homemaker and blogger for My King Cook.

To tell you, being a mother of two cute kids and blogging isn’t an easy task, but I feel rewarded for doing the things that I love and one is sharing my cooking and culinary knowledge to the world and with you, my dear friends.

I took up culinary back then, developing my cooking knowledge, talent and skills, I wrote a couple of recipe books and I served as a guest speaker for several cooking events and seminars across the globe.

Through the years, I’ve been continuously learning new cultures, things and food traditions to help me come up with tutorials, guides and articles to share with women who love cooking, eating and serving delicious dishes and treats for their loved ones and families.

And with the goal of inspiring other cooks and sharing my knowledge about cooking with you, I put up this blog and loving every second of it!

By reading my latest recipes, cooking tools and gadgets reviews and food tips, you will be able to…

  • Improve your and your family’s health and well-being with healthy food options and fresh ingredients
  • Select and monitor ingredients you put and add to the dishes you cook for yourself and your loved ones
  • Learn about a couple of kitchen appliances, tools and gadgets that will help you speed up the process of cooking, preserve ingredients and experience convenience, especially if you don’t have much time to cook but still want to get the most out of food and select only the best products out there for your kitchen
  • Stay updated on the latest cooking tips that you can make use of in improving not only the taste of food but also your well-being
  • And so much more

While I am a busy cook, I don’t settle for unhealthy food choices, as I am so much concerned about how the food we eat affects our overall health condition. In this case, I also research and look for alternatives to cooking healthy in less the time, and those things I learned, I share on this blog.

Topic suggestions? Ideas? Tips?

For any topic suggestions as well as ideas and tips you wish to share with the world, I encourage you to write me so that I can have something to add to future posts and guides that I will share on this site.

You may also write or contact me if you have questions about recipes, cooking gadgets and kitchen appliances.

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It’s really great to have you around and I am hoping for your continued use of this blog for all things GREAT FOOD and GREAT HEALTH that all of us love.

Your food guide and friend,

Olivia Rose 🙂